The Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy series
Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy Series
Now available for iPad and Mac!

The Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy series is specifically designed to take full advantage of digital media technology to empower students and teachers of mineralogy. Using color photographs, illustrations, movies, 3D models that can be rotated, interactive diagrams, and review questions, this series makes a challenging subject approachable.

This series of chapters differs in several ways from a traditional mineralogy textbook: (1) it promotes learning in a digital environment; (2) the authors use modern pedagogy; (3) each chapter in the series is available separately allowing the instructor to pick and choose only those chapters needed for their specific course; (4) it is written so that the more advanced chapters build on information learned in earlier chapters.

Written by Melinda Darby Dyar and Mickey E. Gunter, and illustrated by Dennis Tasa, this new digital series is published by Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc., in association with the Mineralogical Society of America.

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The Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy series
The Mineral Database App
Now available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac OS X, and Android

The Mineral Database was compiled by M. Darby Dyar and Mickey E. Gunter and illustrated by Dennis Tasa. This searchable database of mineral properties provides an extensive mineral data reference that can be used for mineral identification.

The software provides hand sample photos, photomicrographs of thin sections, physical properties, crystal class animations, 3D structures that may be rotated and enlarged, optical properties, classification, and occurrence data as well as partial data for many more species, varieties, groups, sub-groups, and series.

A comprehensive search feature allows mineral identification by using known physical properties (such as color, streak, luster etc.) or crystal and optical properties. Or, you can visually search the hand sample photos and photomicrographs using the pop-up image galleries.

The ultimate software for the professional mineralogist or mineralogy student, this app will also be of interest to the amateur mineralogist or lapidarist. Completely self-contained this app is ideal for field use. Available for download on the App Store, the Mac App Store, and Amazon.

Mineral Database app
Download on the App Store
Download on the Mac App Store
Mineral Database app
Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy - Dyar, Gunter, and Tasa
Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy
Written by M. Darby Dyar and Mickey E. Gunter
Illustrations and animations by Dennis Tasa
Published by the Mineralogical Society of America

The Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy textbook is organized to facilitate spiral learning, with introductory through advanced chapters on each of these four topics: crystallography, crystal chemistry, systematic mineralogy, and optical mineralogy. This textbook is a college-level textbook designed for courses in rocks and minerals, mineralogy, and optical mineralogy. A chapter on hand sample identification is also included. $90.00 - 8 1/2 x 11 paperback - 708 pp.

The included DVD-ROM has a searchable mineral database with more than 600 mineral species and contains well over a thousand animations and full-color images of every illustration in the text. Each entry can be printed as a two-page description, allowing users to create customized lab manuals. Version 1.1 of the Interactive Mineralogy DVD-ROM is compatible with Mac OS® X Yosemite (10.10).

Three programs written by CrystalMaker Software are also included on the DVD-ROM to view mineral structures as well as to calculate their powder diffraction and single crystal diffraction patterns. A modified version of CrystalMaker®, called CrystalViewer, was specially designed for the book and database and demo versions of CrystalDiffract® and SingleCrystal™ are included for the diffraction calculations.

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